2015 12 13

Turkey to host EuroBasket

Turkey, Finland, Romania and Israel will host the FIBA EuroBasket 2017 tournament, the sport’s European board decided on Saturday.

According to a statement from FIBA, each country will host a group phase with Turkey also hosting the final phase.

Recently, Turkey hosted the 2010 FIBA Basketball World Cup and the 2014 FIBA World Championship for Women.

“Turkey will host both their Group Phase group and the Final Phase in Istanbul in Abdi Ipekci Arena and Sinan Erdem Arena respectively,” FIBA said.

It is Finland’s second time hosting a EuroBasket championship, having first seen the competition in 1967.

For Israel and Romania it will be their first time in hosting the tournament.

FIBA Europe president and the honorary president of the Turkey Basketball Federation, Turgay Demirel, said:

“I have no doubt that by organizing a high-level championship under the leadership of Harun Erdenay (president of the Turkish Basketball Federation), we will introduce in the best way Turkey and Turkish basketball to the fans all over the world.”



  • Every student has Internet Access

    Every school in Turkey now has ADSL internet connection.  

  • First step for Turkish fighter jet

    Feasibility works have been launched for first Turkish fighter jet planned to be completed by 2023, the centenary of the Republic of Turkey. 

11,500 km

The length of natural gas pipeline in Turkey as of 2010

  • Care for Pregnant Women Under Risk

    12.275 women benefited from the "guest mother" program, which provides care to pregrant women under risk in health centers before delivery. 

  • World Leader in Transit Passengers

    Carrying 18 million passengers in the Asia-Europe transit corridor in 2010, Turkey saw the highest increase in transit passenger numbers in the world. 

  • Safranbolu Houses

    Safranbolu Houses, featured in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, are being restored by the Housing Development Administration of Turkey. 

  • Government Takes Care of Traffic Accident Victims

    The government now covers all medical expenses of those injured in traffic accidents. 

  • Double-lane roads save 1525 lives

    The number of people who were killed in traffic accidents dropped to 4,041 in 2010 from 5,566 in 2000 thanks to 13,500 more kilometers of double-lane roads, which saved 1,525 lives a year on average. 

  • Investing in Farmers

    Turkey increased agricultural investments in the past 10 years from 1.8 billion TL to 9 billion TL.  

  • From Electricity Importer to Exporter

    Turkey increased electricity production from 31 thousand to 45 thousand megawatts in ten years and started selling electricity to Georgia, Syria and Greece. 

  • Public debt ratio lowest in Europe

    The ratio of Turkey’s public debt to national income has dropped to 28.2 percent from 61.4 percent 10 years ago.  

  • Record Growth in Technology Sector

    The Turkish technology sector grew 19.4% in 2010, closing the year with 17.5 billion TL revenue.